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Who We Are

Advanced Forecasting Corporation [AFC] is a leader in global Meteorological Intelligence with specialties in long-range weather predictions, economic impacts from climate change, and the relationship of solar sunspot patterns on business cycles. For many clients worldwide, AFC is a predictive risk & advisory think-tank in Planetary Risk Management.

What We Do

AFC delivers weather-based commodity predictions, customized webinars, and keynotes as well as other tailored solutions & written presentations in forecasting weather volatility and the impact of different aspects of our climate emergency, including the threat of floods, heatwaves, drought, extreme cold, earthquakes, volcanoes and other planetary disasters on a company’s bottom line. 

In The Know

In summary, AFC provides customized know-how, insights and assessments to over 20 different industries, and to many different companies ranging from individuals and small firms to farming conglomerates and global corporations with assets in excess of $500 billion, as well as to investors and other organizations that are affected by any natural-based threats, human-caused perils and irregular economic complexities.

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