Apr 04

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The UN Forgets The Global Cooling Bit

The United Nations says that climate emissions must be curbed, and that is all well and good.  AFC’s main car is a Prius.  But, what the UN fails to understand is that beside warming, droughts and severe storms, there are also extremes in the opposite direction — namely, record-breaking cold and flooding.  It is not global warming, it is climate change … and there are cycles as well as larger-scale factors that make our planetary weather become more volatile at times … namely, the solar cycle and the other part of physics / weather like the Chandler Wobble that not many yet consider.  Planetary electromagnetics is also a huge part of the equation … that is, Earth has a magnetosphere, and this is in constant flux due to solar flares hitting upon it.  Look up these key words (solar cycle, magnetospherem ), or simply get in touch with us to become “more in the know” so you gain more. 

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