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Solar & Planetary Risk Management™

Adverse Risk Prevention

The field of planetary risk management means specializing in providing tailored solutions in forecasting weather volatility and the impact of global climate change, the threat of earthquakes and other natural-based planetary disasters, as well as advisory consulting surrounding the growing risks associated with shifting climate economics.  AFC is a think tank leader in this exciting new field.

There is almost always more than meets the eye.  Incorporating AFC’s planetary risk services as an integral part of your investment portfolio allows you to know with confidence which storms, earth shifts or Black Swan events will negatively affect your assets or interests.  A lowered risk profile is certainly a comforting ace in any manager’s strategic pack of cards.  The return on investment is even better, so there only remains the question of when to begin.

Mother Nature is changing the playing field:  first, through the ‘natural’ and likely larger parameters of significance — solar flare variations, electromagnetic flux pulses, increasing volcanic eruptions, oceanic heat exchange modifications and Jetstream variations.  Human urban sprawl, biospheric degradation by intense technology like HAARP, deforestation & pollution discharge are all a part of the big equation too.  All adaptations, including new strategies to counterbalance losses to businesses, and even population displacement / migrations, can be triggered by natural climate change and different types of human impacts with ensuing costs to our economies, environments & societies.

Corporations and citizens worldwide are no longer accepting the huge losses due to adverse risks.  As a result, planetary risk management is growing rapidly.

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