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In 1993, we started as a weather forecasting firm. Gradually we grew and expanded our predictions. Yet, true to the name of “advanced forecasting”, we never deviated from providing intelligence that goes out long-range and provides strategic ‘big picture’ thought leadership. We went from weather predictions to encompassing a new field we trademarked as Planetary Risk Management. This incorporated many other risks, and then we linked the weather abnormalities and natural disaster possibilities with other industrial threats such as commodity price / yield risk, energy shifts, and other socio-economic adaptations. This even included solar flares and the prediction of how these are related to earthquakes, Stock Market ‘jumps’ and other chaotic or euphoric events around the world.


Now, we’re starting a new type of “connnective” intelligence: AFC RiskConnectIntel. Since the world’s issues are becoming increasingly complex, visualization mapping is going to be great for seeing connections. When we see the whole picture, and quantitatively assign risk probabilities, we can begin to better see risks, opportunities, and weaknesses in the strategic flow of major assets. It’s a big-picture S.W.O.T. analysis.

And interesting but so ironically, guess what is so interrelated with commodities and economies and other government decisions? CLIMATE CHANGE.

Essentially, in more simple terms, we take a “blank piece of paper” each day and fill it with ideas, news, occurrences and other insights. We then connect risks and intelligence on a dot-to-dot connecting board. Because the development of things, and change in general, really IS getting so more rapid, it is an ideal time to start looking at the world’s planetary / economic and other events and irregularities in this way so we can gauge big climate themes and 2nd/3rd-tier related potential impacts concentrating on longer-range.

In summary, we connect different pieces of intelligence on risks to global supply chain, industries, commodities, earth shift events, planetary threats, economic shifts, social change, opportunities, and more — with the goal to predict major themes on which to capitalize. As we journey into 2013, it is a big time for the solar max, notable climate shifts, and big questions on governments and economies. And we look forward to proudly calling you our client on the Path.

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