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Forecast Products

Forecast Products From A Through Z

Increased weather variability and climatic shifts are bringing noticeable change to industry.  Meteorological metamorphosis is increasingly affecting the bottom line of energy companies and other corporate entities worldwide.   Strategic energy development departments and power planning managers are assuming an increasing risk in production and other corporate activities because of such changes.  There has been a documented trend toward greater damages and losses worldwide caused by these continually increasing atmospheric “shifts”.  Financial losses due to weather adversities amass into the billions of dollars each and every year.

As a result, corporations are increasingly analyzing their financial results to see how much weather volatility has affected their bottom lines.  Through proprietary technology and sophisticated meteorological analysis, companies and individuals can seek relief and either minimize and or protect some of its losses expected or caused by Mother Nature.  AFC’s forecast products and tools have arrived at a time when the relationship between weather volatility and impacts to investments is going up.  

Our forecasting products range the gamut from AFCrisk online severe storm maps to detailed tailor-made foreasts such as our Cyclonic Persistence Index [CPI]™.  For example, storms can be of differing size, power and duration, and since no storm is exactly the same, AFC has developed an index, called the Cyclonic Persistence Index [CPI]™ to measure the severity and duration of a low-pressure (cyclonic) system.  This can help agricultural, energy (hydro) and many other interests / sectors. 

Some companies in the past have asked AFC to develop customized equations for in-house modeling products; other companies have requested an AFC meteorologist to be available for weekly or monthly client meetings, to discuss trends in weather, and/or to provide insights in studying a client’s demand and its relationship with the weather.  Other more formal proposals have AFC working on developing the relationship between hundreds of weather parameters and energy output so that clients can develop a model that is less dependent on volatility, otherwise known as meteorological parameter-driven models.  AFC can therefore help build a multiple parameter-driven model that will forecast energy demand for different regions/zones with high skill.   

Overall, AFC offers instrumental forecast graphics to in-depth and strategic insights for your business and operations.  An excellent way to discuss further steps and goals for your needs, and determining the exact customizations for a future forecast package is to contact us today. 

AFC is and will continue to be one of the leaders in providing advanced data solutions worldwide in the realm of weather.  AFC sets itself apart by exceeding client expectations with its forward thinking strategies, its proprietary knowledge of global atmospheric sciences, its innovative technological applications, and its market positioning to provide distinction for each client.  We are proud of the meteorological discoveries and advancements of our organization.  Some of our firm’s most important business principles of reliability, customization and flexibility provide clients with uncompromising value.  By partnering with our experience and expertise, a variety of benefits quickly becomes available to you.

From our customized presentations…to our myriad of tailored forecast possibilities…to an entire line of advanced meteorological consulting tools…we hope that we may form a solid business relationship by your choosing Advanced Forecasting Corporation [AFC] for any of your meteorological needs in the near future.

Thank you very much for your time.


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