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Alerts Broadcaster offers a highly specialized service that gives our business partners unique abilities to communicate with customers, patrons, facilities and staff during significant weather events here and abroad.

The overall goal of Alerts Broadcaster is to help our Clients communicate directly to key people in an automated, timely and efficient manner. Using the Internet, and our Clients Intranet as well as the latest cell phone technology, Alerts Broadcaster will deliver customized alerts as a text or email message along with the related weather maps, graphics and images throughout the Enterprise. Alerts Broadcaster offers a systematic approach to notifying designated personnel and key customers of pending weather and natural hazard events. Alerts Broadcaster can be enterprise wide, limited to a select few key management people, or opened up to the public.

AFC provides automated Weather Risk Alerts.  Under our online 24-hour risk platform, on a subscription basis starting at just $19.99 / month, you can receive customized warnings for floods, heat, fires, extreme cold, and much more.  We are advancing these capabilities every month, and crossing new thresholds in providing lead warning time with more quantitative information surrounding weather adversities.

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