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Weather Bias Price Forecasts

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One of our latest products is called Weather Bias Commodity Price Threat™.  It’s essentially a grid of squares (Bearish = red; Bullish = green) that predicts how weather abnormalities could affect different commodities (energies, softs, grains and meats).

Essentially, for “The [X Period] Ahead”, you can gather at least 3 main things:

  1. Take any country / region and see the overall price risk scenario based on Bullish / Bearish weather.  For example, Southern Brazil is all Bullish (green = go = long) on all commodities, but the OH Valley USA is all Bearish (red = stop = short) on all commodities.  You can also see that Asia, India and Africa are all particularly Bullish right now on all commodities.  That could be important to know.
  2. Or, take any commodity and see how many countries / regions the crop is Bullish.  For example, wheat is majority Bullish (green) across the board:  this increases the confidence in betting long on it.
  3. You can also take any grouping, say softs, or even the entire commodity complex, and see what percentage are weather bias Bullish or Bearish.

This is the first of its kind in combining weather threats and commodity price impact.

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