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The subject of climate change is now huge.  Due to fact that everyone is under the skies of change, climate risk has an economic connection and of course a well-known political agenda too.  It should be known that many scientists are not even able to express their opinions or get out scientific real data to the public.  Our prediction is that the world will talk about global cooling before not too long.

To help businesses, investors, industry and individuals, AFC offers a hub-and-spoke wealth of solutions from weather predictions, planetary risk probabilities, solar threat consulting, weather bias commodity forecasts and our very latest called AFC RiskConnectIntel, which is expanding fast.

It’s easy to get in touch with us.  We will listen to your needs, or based upon your requirements we will suggest a solution.  That’s what AFC is all about — connecting with you, and providing solutions to better your day, to better your business, and to better your livelihood.

All AFC solutions incorporate 4 essential themes: 

  1. Detailed and quantitative predictions and/or insights
  2. Innovative, new boundaries
  3. High reliability and accuracy
  4. Customized services and products in many formats.


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