Oct 26

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Sensationalism And Lies In Forecasting Storms

Let’s talk about Sandy — once a hurricane in the Caribbean, which is still forecast to do “incredible damage”.  I have a real problem with fear-mongering by control freaks, especially when it comes to storms.
Words like “storm of biblical proportions” and “Frankenstorm” — used to describe tropical entity Sandy at this time (Friday evening Eastern Time, October 26, 2012) — really boggle my mind. Unfortunately, most of what you are reading and hearing in the public domain is absolute exaggeration. I even see lies coming out from scientific groups.  Sorry, I have to be blunt. These days, apparently, it is all about the ratings. The science has gone out the window but not from AFC! 
Sandy is falling part. It is just a 70 mph tropical storm now — but it is even incredulous that even the NHC (National Hurricane Center) is not reporting the wind speed properly (it only says it might be less than a hurricane at this time in its discussion page — a part which very few read — and essentially ignore the RECON data that we get too that says Sandy really has been downgraded from a hurricane).  It IS important. 
The bottom line is this:  Sandy will be absorbed by a large dip in the Jetstream at the weekend and as a result, we are talking about a “moderate” Nor’easter.  Yes it will rain with some areas seeing flooding (i.e., flash floods and river flooding). Yes you will see squally winds to 55 mph. Yes you will see a million without power.  And yes there will be some damage.  Things like this happen in a Nor’easter as many in the East well know.  But Sandy is NOT a “one-in-a-hundred” year storm. Not by any stretch of the imagination.
The sensationalism that I am seeing and hearing is pathetic at best and grossly wrong, even bordering criminal, at worst. 
It is just plain wrong for people — other meteorologists AND the NHC — to NOT report the exact truth and rather embellish the facts.
Yes, it is always good to have extra water / food / batteries / candles, etc. on hand no matter what.  The trouble with potential disasters is that most are only “taught” (or instructed) to get so-called prepared when something is visible and coming (like a storm).  But in reality, most disasters come WITHOUT warning.  Just look at Fukushima (one catastrophe that continues today, and we hardly see anything of that in the news).  That is why I say it’s always good to get those extra supplies, because when a REAL disaster, God forbid, hits, you will thank your lucky stars that you were proactive.
My bottom line is this:  people need to know the facts so they can make the best decisions. Mainstream Media must stop this nonsense of crying wolf. Otherwise, when the real “Supercane” or the “Dracula Storm of Halloween” (or whatever the next name they come up with) DOES come, nobody will believe it … and many sheep  (the Sheeple) will be eaten (perish)!
Dr. Simon R. R. Atkins
Climate Risk Economist
Advanced Forecasting Corporation [AFC]

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