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Video Teleconferencing & Webinars

Thanks to the advancements in technology today, phone discussions can become even more lively and interactive.  AFC uses Web video conferencing to allow us to connect with you, anywhere, in real time.  When we meet online, we remove many of the constraints that can make some meetings a challenge — like getting everyone in the same place at the same time.  With easily collaboration, we can eliminate the hassle of emailing files by showing laser-guided important points on slides.  And of course, saving time and money in travel is a big deal while still making meetings productive and successful.

In summary, Web video teleconferencing allows us to do almost anything that we could do face-to-face except having a good handshake.  We would be happy to showcase our expertise by demonstrating a product, or making a sales presentation to multiple offices at the same time, or rolling up our sleeves to collaborate on a customized product, or simply to review the weather risks for the month ahead.

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