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Conferences & Presentations

 Hire A Dynamic Speaker For Your Next Conference On Commodities / Investments


A unique blend of weather risk consulting, interactive seminars, forecast workshops & keynotes, centered on strategic weather profiling – yielding a competitive advantage & assisting in managing your risk portfolio and integrating corporate processes to maximize performance.  Programs offer clients uniquely-designed sessions with specific answers and results from clearly-defined goals.

We look forward to customizing a presentation for you.  Here are the nuts and bolts of what we do:

First, we work hard to make the presentation perfect for you.  The following is inclusive of our speaking fees:

  • PREPARATION:     research, design & compilation of aunique presentation – consisting of an average of 6 – 12 hrs, depending on level below.
  • ENGAGEMENT:     45-60 mins presentation (on average, but can be longer), plus Q&A of up to 30 mins
  • TOTAL EFFORTS: groundwork and delivery time of 7.5 – 13.5 hours

Second, we provide different types of conference presentation choices

A)      TROPOSPHERE:  Research Application

  • Ex.  How past climate has impacted a certain sector (i.e., agriculture, energy, real estate, etc.) in the USA, the world, or a particular zone

US$ please inquire (depends on number in audience and particular needs)

B)      STRATOSPHERE:  Current Briefing; Expanded Breadth on Choice A

  • Ex.  How climate is currently interrupting agriculture (or investments, shipping, etc.) around the world and how you can be proactive about it

    US$ please inquire (depends on number in audience and particular needs); higher than TROPOSPHERE.

C)       MESOSPHERE:  Advanced Insights / Future Threats

  • Ex. Looking down the road, weather risks & predicted likely impacts to different commodities and other related investments & business continuity

    US$ please inquire (depends on number in audience and particular needs); higher than STRATOSPHERE.

D)     IONOSPHERE:  Presentation Type C Above, But Further Enriched / Customized Based Upon Carefully-Designed Web-Based Client-Survey; Plus Strategic Recommendations

§  List of attendees’ needs surveyed andanswers tabulated by AFC to further customize

§  Additional strategic recommendations inpresentation that “speaks to” exact industry needs

US$ please inquire (depends on number in audience and particular needs); higher than MESOSPHERE.

Third, we propose the actual speaking title for your conference.

Fourth, we go over “Other Expenses Related To Engagement”.  Airfare, accommodation, and miscellaneous expenses are covered by the client.

Thank you for this opportunity to allow for a future alignment.

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