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AFCWeatherHedge™ represents a revolutionary set of new concepts in Meteorological Intelligence®.  Our atmospheric scientists believe that the Earth is going through a natural cycle of enhanced climatic change; that is, we predict global atmospheric deviations from climatological normals and adverse planetary events will continue to be more pronounced and extreme for the foreseeable future.

Due to the expected wider variation in meteorological parameterization measurement, AFC has prioritized one area of its research in developing advanced equations and modeling integrations that will bring incremental yet continuous improvement in long range forecast accuracy for any location worldwide.  AFC believes it has discovered some ‘gold keys’ in unlocking Mother Nature’s secrets, in calculating weather risk and planetary threat probabilities with a high degree of accuracy not only ‘down the road’ but ‘well around the corner’ too.

We focus on prognostications not only in the realm of weather but also in its applications to different markets worldwide.  We advise brokerage firms, hedge funds, agricultural producers, energy buyers, farmers and many more groups to increase emphasis on a strategic direction toward incorporating tailored long-range weather predictions into their business equations.  We concentrate on minimizing losses due to weather-related adversities and increasing new revenue streams in optimizing corporate profiles in weather / planetary risk management.

AFC focuses on applying its proprietary formulas in delivering a solid investment in high precision, reliable information that can greatly assist in predicting industrial sector demands, minimizing weather-related losses, and enhancing price speculation and hedging in commodity futures.

Please take a look at the example above.  Some of the different examples of AFCWeatherHedge™ include the following:

  • Quantitative customized forecasts out to 18 months for any location worldwide
  • Heating Degree Days (HDD) / Cooling Degree Days (CDD) / Growing Degree Days (GDD) predictions – daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal accumulations
  • Predictive thresholds, cumulative distribution probabilities (CDPs), confidence intervals up to 99%, parameter weighting, filtered historical & statistical data
  • ‘Disaster Forecasting’ (Natural catastrophes) probabilities for certain GPS locales
  • Probabilities of droughts, floods, heatwaves, hurricanes / tropical events, blizzards, windstorms, sandstorms, severe cold, hail, etc.

We look forward to talking with you soon about how you can best incorporate technology, scientific know-how and prediction expertise into your business, in order to optimize decisions, improve margins and minimize your risks.  Thank you.

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