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AFCThreat™ is one of our top-of-the-line products, and is all about giving you a longer-range heads-up in alert notification of planetary perils and larger weather hazards.  It’s all about us providing you with either an “Alert System” or longer-range month-by-month / quarter-by-quarter prediction maps, or both, as shown in the images on this page.

Did you know?  

  • 90% of Americans live along the coasts, near flood zones, earthquake fault lines, or in other locations that are at a high or moderate risk or being hit by a major natural disaster.
  • 87% of businesses are negatively impacted by adverse weather at least 4x/year

AFC takes into consideration many different types of risks, that are not usually recognized in a business.  For example, in the agricultural area, a cattle rancher could lose one-third of his/her herd to a new viral epidemic, caused by a shift in the winds!  One example of the amazing world of ‘connective risks’ is the association between disease outbreaks and weather shifts. When wind speeds increase, more topsoil is blown away, and this eventually allows buried pathogens to become airborne. Of course, that process takes some time, but in the case of the very severe weather outbreak in Joplin, Missouri, in 2011, the tornadic outbreak was so extreme that approximately 15% of human deaths were not due directly to tornado damage but instead to pathogens which had been ‘dug up’ and made airborne by the incredibly strong winds.

With information taken from citations of 140 different annual reports on Fortune 1000 firms, the average median “climate hazard” loss ranges from the following:

  • Low-end:  $50,000 loss on $1.7M revenue (2.9%) to
  • High-end:  $175,000,000 loss on $12B revenue (1.5%)
  • But 37% of businesses had financial impacts worth 5% – 23% of revenue!

This CAN be reduced.  If more people have access to superior intelligence. 

If the majority of businesses ‘gamble(d)’ on weather / planetary threats, the  respective accuracy would be approximately 42%-57% (a coin flip).  But for a 1% increase in accuracy (with intelligence), revenue saved on losses is ~ 2%.  Yet for a 10% increase in accuracy (by using advanced intelligence), revenue saved on losses is ~ 39%!  And with an 80% total accuracy (from getting an ‘edge’ like using AFC services), revenue saved on losses as a percentage of their income could be ~ 58%-184%!

And so there you have it.  Let’s face it:  weather volatility, climate shifts and planetary perils make-up a lot of the nightly news (42% of stories on average are directly or indirectly related).  Ask yourself, ‘What are my risks?”  And then ask, “What if I could do something about it where I not only minimize risks but I MAKE money by being “in the know” too? 

Thanks for your attention to this important take-away.

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