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AFCForecastSMART® is a superior forecasting product with excellent service at a favorable investment.  The acronym ‘SMART’ stands for Seasonal Management and Advanced Risk Tools.  Our goal is always to have this risk product contain the greatest level of customization and product detail, and of course we yearn to have one of the highest levels of forecast accuracy, confidence & reliability in meteorological / planetary risk science possible. 

Each AFCForecastSMART product is tailored to the exact specifications of the client.  No two products have ever been the same.  This dedication to customization provides higher satisfaction, and a full understanding on our behalf to the project needs at hand. 

Here is an example of our very latest AFCForecastSMART using our trademarked “Weather Traffic Light” Business Risk Decision tool.  As seen, on days when we highlight “code red” (i.e., a red traffic light), this means ‘no-go’, that weather variables are not suitable for the project to begin or continue.  ‘Code orange’ means caution, that some of the time conditions outside will be okay but at some point the thresholds you give us will be broken and we therefore advise discontinuing the work.  ‘Code green’ means good weather, little to no risk, and is very suitable for the client to work. 

We provide AFCForecastSMART for over 20 industries, plus events like city parades, race events, weddings and more.  We can issue everything from just one-time forecasts to give you added protection on starting your project, or weekly package updates for those that need to have a higher awareness on all the potential risks to their investments or portfolio.  And let us mention that we go out 12-18 months. 

All in all, it’s a smart decision to invest in the potential risks that Mother Nature throws out.  Most of the time, She will offer favorable to semi-favorable conditions.  But it’s all about being prepared for the 30% of Mother Nature that can be categorized as high risk.  The costs to businesses and industry each year based upon adverse weather / planetary occurrences is staggering, and too many places go out of business from a record event … when many could have survived if they had taken the necessary precautions on being “in the know”.

So, tell us how we can minimize your risk and allow you to plan ahead.  We thank you in advance for contacting us today!

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