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What We Stand For

Commitment To The Highest

Overall, AFC’s mission and vision as well as its corporate pillars have been on a continual journey of innovation, freedom, and transformation — a path of incremental and continuous improvement in likeness to the corporate logo — looking from above at a butterfly with clouds & the ocean in its wings reflected by the sun — a positive mark symbolizing fertility, individuality and metamorphosis to dare new and higher levels.


  1. We take pride to provide innovative planetary risk management services with a commitment to the highest possible accuracy, reliability, quality, customization of which we strive to give the greatest possible value and usefulness to our clientele. We exist to satisfy and exceed both present and future clientele needs and concerns.
  2. We develop relationships with clientele to determine the most appropriate, effective solutions to their planetary risk related needs and concerns. We seek to build helpful, positive, long-term relationships characterized by mutual respect, courtesy, and integrity.
  3. We maintain competitiveness in marketplaces by contributing to and providing new prediction and monitoring resources and services. We strive to be flexible to global competition and rapid technological change.
  4. We continually expand our base of knowledge & skills in the sciences, forecasting, information technology and other new studies. We intend to provide a superior service at a favorable price.
  5. We work toward fulfilling dreams and aspirations by creating exceptional working environments of the future. We exist to be a family of individuals working as a global team.
  6. We aim to be an intellectual, economic, and social asset in any locale, from community to country, we establish a relationship. We aspire to instill a philanthropic and entrepreneurial presence. We love doing what we do because it helps the planet move forward in a positive way.

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