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Success Stories

We are proud to share with you just a small number of the many testimonials and success stories that we receive from clients.  From our service, they have been able to shape their strategies better or more efficiently, have pinpointed enhanced opportuntiies, have optimized decisions, and have improved their margins from our accuracy.  At both the beginning of the day and at the end of the day, our philosophy is to go the extra mile. 

Confidentiality is of utmost importance these days.  In some cases, we are able to state a specific company, but in most cases we now only produce the industry instead of a company’s or a person’s name.


  • “Appreciate Simon!  We need all the intelligence we can get and these solar flares and your predictive timing has been spot on! Thks!”  Owner, Commodity Fund
  • “I always enjoy our conversations, while they may be infrequent, they are always insightful and thought provoking, and enjoyable.”  CFO, Commodity Fund
  • “Simon Atkins is a loyal partner. I have found that Simon listens to the needs of his customer and strives to exceed expectations. He is an expert in his field who has surrounded himself with an expert team at Advanced Forecasting Corporation.”  Manager, Telecommunications                   
  • “How do you do this??  Seeing is believing.  I was losing a lot of money on commodity futures, and I guess too much bad weather — it just seemed like there were a lot more record events — so I really needed a firm to give me advanced notice of what was coming down the tube.  And I’m ever grateful to AFC to have not only helped stop the financial bleeding but also gained successfully in other area opportunities simply by knowing when floods and droughts were going to affect my bets.”  Director of International Trading, Raw Materials Wholesaler
  • “That was an incredibly dynamic presentation.  You combine concepts and predictions in a very interesting way.  I’m hooked, and so glad to be an AFC customer after being a part of that conference!”  —Owner, Dairy Operation
  • “[You are] a unique resource – always willing to challenge the norm and question consensus. For high paced energy trading, his insights are second-to-none. You will be well advised to add [the AFC] team to your weather forecasting portfolio.”  Owner, Energy Trading Company                     
  • “I first worked with [AFC] when I was a Portfolio Manager and [the firm] provided us some of his short and medium term weather forecasts. The temperature and weather analyses were incredibly detailed and most importantly proved to be correct! I look forward to finding out about some of AFC’s latest products.”  Owner, Energy Fund
  • “I get lots of good weather information from AFC. I think the overall risk assessment you provide is a great comprehensive one-stop asset. The forecasting is reliable and a great help in planning my group’s work, a majority of which is outdoors and weather-dependent. AFC’s seasonal coverage is superior to any other on-line resource I have access to. You all did a great job!”  Manager, Telecommunications                   

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