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AFC is headed by our CEO, Dr. Simon Atkins.
His bio, below, describes his fortes and strengths in moving the company into its 20th year of business in 2013.

     Bio Overview

Dr. Simon Atkins, Ph.D. is Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Forecasting Corporation [AFC], a think-tank in planetary risk management and climate change hazard consulting for businesses and investors that are affected by natural-based perils and socio-economic complexities.  Simon has 25 years of experience in providing strategic expertise in weather risk going out years in advance and in industrial forensic meteorology.  Dr. Atkins founded AFCrisk, a customizable platform in global meteorological 24×7 predictions with client asset overlays.   With a wealth of knowledge gained from visiting 65 countries, he advises on vulnerability assessment “hotspots” for optimized security planning and business continuity.

Simon’s Scientific Focus:  Global Climate Change Pattern Shifts; Weather Impact Investigations

Niche Expertise: Industrial Impacts; Forensics; Meteorological Vulnerability Zone Assessment

Since the mid-80s, Simon has researched and forecasted weather patterns worldwide, and has examined and scrutinized extreme meteorological events at both a local and continental level with focus on the following:

  • Atmospheric surveys, probes, numerical analysis & scientific substantiation with accident/loss investigations;
  • Weather & planetary threats to agribusiness, energy, insurance, real estate, telecommunications, retail, investments & transport sectors, focusing on potential destructive force & impacts short-term to long-range;
  • Weather impacts to commodity yields & price prediction:  specifically for grains, meats, softs and energies;
  • Volatility of multi-decadal weather patterns, as well as the severity, intensity and frequency of such shifts;
  • Changing climate pattern cycles, and related specific predictions affecting investments & business continuity.

In the mid-80s, with his native British accent, Simon broadcasted forecasts for NOAA in the Rockefeller Office of NYC.  In 1991, Simon was Chief of International Operations for Weathernews in Japan, the largest weather firm in the world.  In 1993, when Simon co-founded AFC, his studies and USA embassy work in Europe combined predictions in the atmospheric sciences with business “shocks”, especially concentrating on shifting patterns of droughts and floods worldwide.  His research led him to a scientific conclusion that weather patterns as well as planetary shifts are correlated to cycles in solar parameters, oceanic patterns and magnetic changes which now allow for a perfect opportunity to predict multi-seasons ahead for different global zones with high accuracy.  The timing of this knowledge with respect to natural-based perils is now of considerable importance going forward, especially since climate disasters and planetary shifts as of recent have become of great concern in economic strategic planning.

Dr. Atkins provides advanced and precise research as well as predictive reports in Meteorological IntelligenceÒ and climate threat hotspots to many clients and investors all around the world that have positions, assets or investments in a host of different economic sectors.  With Simon’s worldly reputation, his work brings about a high ROI.

Clients also gain advisory services, speaking engagements, strategic planning sessions & other customized formats.  Lastly, Simon is also an alternative medicine doctor, specializing in planetary electromagnetics & impacts to health.

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