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Since the firm’s inception in 1993 in Scandinavia, AFC continues to expand worldwide in an exciting direction by moving forward with confidence into a new era of meteorological technology.  By developing powerful proprietary insights and adding new dimensions in reducing weather-related risk the firm’s ability to provide everything from ultra-resolution, minute-to-minute monitoring to quantitative prognostications 10 years ahead is a dedicated challenge it is meeting with unmatched performance.

AFC owns a revolutionary set of advanced concepts in proprietary research, specialized applications and decades of person-years of expertise in the field of field of Planetary Risk Management – incorporating a wealth of knowledge in the atmospheric sciences called Meteorological Intelligence®, advanced consulting competences in predicting risks from Mother Nature including earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis, as well as threats from humans and our infrastructure including terrorism, geopolitical instability and network disruptions.

Our international forecasting products and services minimize corporate losses, add new revenue streams, lessen infrastructural damage and help restrict environmental ruin, not to mention reduce human loss and suffering. The Corporation’s high-precision, accurate solutions also enhance local and regional economic profits, decrease disaster-related capital expenditures, and overall, make a positive difference in any situation of risk and adversity. We stand by our assurance of delivering the highest quality and most reliable value-added planetary risk information. Our forecasts can offer individuals, management and investors critical information to assess disasters and their effects worldwide.

We value the opportunity to serve your local to global planetary risk management needs and anticipate Crossing New Thresholds ® in 2012 and beyond with you soon…before the next adverse weather event may affect you or your business.

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