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As weather risks and planetary threats increase, more clients are reaching out to AFC.  Since 1993, AFC is proud to have provided accurate, quantitative intelligence to a wealth of businesses, comprising of transnational corporations, hedge funds, investment banks, and other trading companies, government NGOS and all the way to farmers, disaster risk managers, Mom-n-Pop stores, strategic planning directors and other individuals who seek an edge.

The bottom line is that in business, we all need to make successful decisions.  Our clients, current and prospective, come to AFC looking for one or more of the following:

  • Reliable, detailed and insightful Meteorological Intelligence(R) and weather risk management to better understand the key factors, critical trends and relevant predictions that can affect commodity prices and yields and inventory planning
  • Greater insights into how climate change can impact the wide array of broader markets, global economic activity, real estate valuation and other major business transactions
  • Trading guidance to better understand the fundamental and technical factors involved in weather and planetary adversities (i.e., how a stock or industry sector could shift suddenly based upon long-range climate changes)
  • Independent climate change research to get additional insights and unbiased opinions
  • Customized research, guidance or consulting expertise to help make critical business, pricing or investment decisions that can affect their bottom line
  • Specialized presentations and speeches, even in-person, over the phone or via interactive video webinars that delve into specific weather risks, potential to likely impacts and confidential investment decisions

** We strictly honor client confidentiality and therefore do not name specific business names.

A Break-Down Of Our Clients:

  • Climate Change & Business Continuity Industry
    (bringing together many folks across many disciplines)
  • Agricultural operations
    (dairies, ranchers — small to large)
  • Commodities analysts
  • Commodities futures traders (CTAs)
  • Conference managers
  • Construction firms
  • Economists
  • Financial managers
  • Governmental agencies
  • Hedge funds
  • Investment banks
  • Managed futures funds
  • Manufacturers
  • Producers (agricultural to chemcials to energy)
  • Purchasers
  • Raw materials wholesalers & distributors
  • Research departments
  • Speculators
  • Traders
  • Utilities
  • Wealth management companies


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