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Our Online Risk Platform

As you have ascertained by now, we are “Crossing New Thresholds®” in all that we do.  The AFCrisk platform offers quantitative intelligence from your town to a global view, and provides so many features, too numerous to list here you’ll just have to try it for yourself.

AFCrisk Video Broadcasts:  A New Era Of Professionally-Broadcast Weather Risks

View them multiple times per day, log-in when you need to plan an important event, or simply grab a cup of coffee and watch during a break at work … we are there for you … 24x7x365.

Main Features

  • Professional on-air meteorologists.  Weather risk experts bringing a touch of class, dedication to explaining current and future threats, and some fun to you, our audience.
  • 4 different weather videos per day. Fresh new content at approximately 4 am, 10 am, 2 pm and 8 pm Central Time, every day of the year so you don’t miss a weather beat.
  • Weather risks displayed in beautiful graphics. Many new weather maps including amazing ‘real-flow’ satellite of storms, FutureCast and 3-D Doppler RADAR.
  • More than a video … our weather gals and guys draw on the weather screen! Touch-screen control provides cutting-edge weather coverage!
  • Videos are 2 minutes each. Crisp, to-the-point, get what you need to know and then make a decision. Follow-up with graphics at the site when needed.
  • Full-monitor size. Easily enlarge the video to the full width and height of your computer screen, to best see the details.
  • The same as broadcast TV. Very high-quality resolution picture, and excellent ‘no-delay’ compression video streaming.
  • In plain language. Complex weather scenarios given in an easy-to-understand presentation.
  • Empowering. Meteorologists enjoyably share their weather knowledge on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of impending risks.
  • New homepage with “Interactive” map. Everything at your fingertips: satellite, RADAR and advisories / warnings all together on a zoomable map.

Warning: you may become addicted to watching these videos and the WeatherCAMS from all around the world. 🙂

In addition to offering all the hundreds of pages of weather intelligence on our AFCrisk.com website, we also can provide much more in-depth weather risk pages customized to a business’ needs and integrate that intelligence on the client’s website.  For example, if you have a need to overlay weather risks on your asset map, we can do that by offering:

  • GIS-Querying Intelligent “Impacts Upon Assets” Prediction Maps / Tables

All in all, we monitor the beat of the weather ‘punch’ every minute of every day.  After looking into AFCrisk, give us your feedback by telling us what is important to you.  We are there for you.

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