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An Edge In R&D

Stunning Innovative Results

Ground-breaking research often starts with a perplexing question: if the moon’s gravitational force affects Earth’s tides, then is it possible that the solar wind or an electromagnetic force field could affect a chief component of atmospheric motion or even activate a series of earthquakes? And so a journey, a quest for reaching new understandings, begins. Our view may be different, but we are continually seeing astounding, breathtaking results.

There has been a documented trend toward greater damages and losses caused by continually increasing atmospheric “shifts”. Financial losses due to weather adversities amass into the billions of dollars each and every month. AFC is increasingly gaining a superior understanding of the complex mechanisms in the atmosphere and their relationship with the oceans, the sun and natural energy grids. The firm’s atmospheric scientists, modelers and information technology specialists maintain an excellent track record in predicting atmospheric irregularity more accurately and within longer windows of time. AFC’s superior technology includes neural network toolboxes, artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, innovative programming, numerical simulation techniques, teleconnections and mathematical mapping to advance weather forecast skill, bringing stunning results to a myriad of markets, industries, corporations, NGOs and investors alike.

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