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7 Parts Of Our Expertise

  1. Regional to global meteorological intelligence, weather risk predictions & hotspots out to 18 months, concentrating on hotspots, unusual anomalies, the top 30% of adverse weather;
  2. Advisory forecasts of potential impacts to commodities (i.e., uniquely connecting weather abnormalities longer-range with prices / yield expectations) and even stocks;
  3. Weather ‘trigger’ market impact ‘heads-up’ video WebEx calls — tailored to review things to watch out for and how they could affect your business; personalized opportunity to delve into Q&A on global planetary risks;
  4. Out-of-the-box insights, observations and ideas about climate change, potential planetary threats / solar output changes and other volatile events (including Black Swan events), with the key theme to relate them back to science, naturopathic / energy medicine and technology;
  5. Research and consulting: special project work in climate change, and think-tank advising with regard to how climate change can affect economic / social / environmental / industrial shifts and relationships;
  6. AFC online weather risk platform (24×7) with weather alerts (via e-mail) and other risk-related map delivery.
  7. AFC RiskConnectIntel: since the world’s issues are becoming increasingly complex, a visualization mapping is going to be great for seeing connections. And when you get the whole picture, and quantitatively assign risk probabilities, you can begin to perhaps better see risks, opportunities, and weaknesses in the strategic flow of major assets.

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