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Climate Change

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AFC provides climate change scientific predictions based upon the ‘big picture’.  We do not adhere to the principle of global warming, nor do we subscribe to the idea that any major temperature increase is caused by carbon dioxide.

However, what we have found is shocking and will astound you.  There are far bigger players in anthropogenic (human-based) climate change than carbon dioxide:  these include the “usual” factors like truly noxious fumes containing sulphur and nitrous oxides, the Urban Heat Island Effect, and deforestation.  But there are even bigger parameters than that!  And it’s all to do with the rather “dark” technology that humans are ‘playing’ with, like HAARP, electromagnetic pulse weaponry and other weather geo-engineering techniques like spraying our skies with micro- or nanoscopic reflectors to cool the planet.  This is all very dangerous, and is unfortunately much hidden from most of the population on the planet.

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