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Crossing New Thresholds®

New boundaries are as exhilarating as they are intimidating

One unique attribute that joins together both the dreamers and the realists at AFC: the desire to go to the next level. Some species, like the caterpillar, take the plunge, others hold back. Certainly, the rewards can potentially exceed the risks. Therefore, it makes sense to us if the personified desire or dream of a caterpillar is to be a butterfly one day, then surely it is an attainable goal to cross new boundaries in the sciences putting together the pieces of the puzzle that integrate the oceanic-atmospheric & interplanetary forces at work.

A considerable amount of research initiated in the atmospheric sciences today continues to get its roots from theories decades old that ironically have not been ‘re-calibrated’ with modern principles & visionary ideas. For example, even though a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil today is a minuscule cause of a tornado in Texas tomorrow — as per the ‘Butterfly Effect’, a part of the Chaos Theory — this same theory limits science to better understand how to predict long-range weather more accurately. To the contrary, AFC steps out of the box and stresses the harmonious interconnectedness of the Earth’s atmosphere with events such as solar cycles and electromagnetic fluxes. In other words, we believe we bring a more complete picture to understanding better the ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions related to energy fields that potentially formulate adverse planetary risks.

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